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Datum: 03.11.2015

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My Schooltrip to Rovinj

Kerstin Wiedena (7C)

I was so excited about our trip to Rovinj, Croatia, that I counted the days till my class and the other 7th grade class would sit in the bus and go towards Rovinj.

13th September

We finally arrived at the house where we lived at 7 o‘ clock p.m.. Natalie, Kathi, Charlene and I shared an apartment with each other and I loved it because I like them really much. This day, we haven’t done a lot because we were so tired that, after eating at Giovanni’s (a great pizzeria!), we stopped our walk towards the city of Rovinj and went back to our apartment where we talked a lot and then went to sleep.

14th September

We got up at 7 o’clock a.m. and then everyone walked to the pier where we waited for our boat to take us to the island »Katarina« where we were snorkeling a lot. We loved to snorkel, because we saw so many different sorts of fish and we found shells and sponges and jellyfish and everything the sea could have shown us. In the evening we cooked spaghetti and they tasted great! (You have to consider that we are teenagers so…the spaghetti probably only tasted good for us ?). After eating the greatest spaghetti on earth, we went to town where we visited a giant church (I can’t remember the name). From the place around the church we had a great view over the sea and the city. Everything looked so awesome! After visiting the church, some of us went down the hill where you had this excellent view and sat down at the pier. We had a lot of fun there and talked till we had to go home and went to sleep. (The beds were so great that we slept like rocks.)

15th September

This morning, we dissected fish and that was – I know, this may sounds crazy – extremely cool! It was so interesting to see a fish from the inside. And our fish was even more exciting because it had stingers and so you had to be really careful. After dissecting, we went snorkeling again. At the place where we snorkeled, we’ve built a stone-tower. There were a lot of towers and it looked fascinating! In the afternoon, we didn’t do very much except of cooking and talking a lot.

16th September

This day and like the other days, we went snorkeling (surprise, surprise!). But first, we visited the island »Katarina« again to jump of cliffs! There was a place where you could jump from 8 meters and one from 12 meters! And the only thing I have to say about it, is: It was totally awesome! Although I was so afraid of jumping from the height of 12 meters, I did and I loved it. Then we visited a beach with no sand but cliffs! There, everyone cut their bodies with the cutting stones. But it didn’t hurt. In the afternoon we visited a lot of shops in the city where we bought souvenirs. Rovinj is so great at night! We had lots of fun and so we stayed a bit longer than the last days.

17th September

This was the last full day in Rovinj. We visited the »Red Island«, where we were snorkeling in the see grass. But that wasn’t very cool because it was really dirty and so we went to another beach where the water was so clear and there we found so many shells and it was beautiful. When we were on the boat to go back to the pier, we first got burgers and then we were allowed to jump from the roof of the boat! It was one of the coolest things I’ve ever done because it was in the middle of the sea where nothing else was but we and the water. So, that was a great ending for a perfect week in Croatia!

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